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I have been involved with photography in excess of 30 years, including over 20 years of professional experience and skills in a variety of aspects. Despite this strong background, I still believe I am a "work in progress" - I have no desire to sit down and rest on my laurels - I now expose more original images consistently, than I ever did with just film, continually exercising and stretching my visual experience. That's where the "fun" of this image-making medium is.

* Formats - 35mm (30+ years), 6x6 square (25+ years), digital (10 years), 4x5 (infrequent).

* Experience - photographer, assistant (lighting, sets, logistics, camera), instructor (classroom, field, workshops), writer/editor.

* Styles/Genres - portrait, fashion, and figure (studio & location); landscapes, cityscapes; night imagery, b&w infrared (35mm, 6x6, digital); and expressive interpretations/impressions.

Photography remains a strong passion - even with this long tenure. Pushing my own visual creativity and expanding my own expressiveness further is a strong goal, to keep ME inspired and jazzed about this. Instructing others on the craft and art of the photographic medium is another, as I have been doing since 2009 here at the Grand Theatre Center for the Arts.
Moria has been dancing & tumbling since she was five. Starting her coaching and teaching career at age 14, she is a seasoned veteran in her field. Moria quickly advanced at Tri-Valley Gymnastics in Livermore and stayed until 2000. Moria worked as Assistant Director of Starlight Dance Studio in San Ramon, CA. 

In 2001 opened her own gymnastics program in Tracy California working as an independent contractor for the City of Tracy.  Her gym quickly outgrew the community center and she was able to have a recreational and competitive gymnastics gym of her own; students and competitive teams reaching multiple 1st place regional and state awards.

Being forced to take a break for family, Moria returned to teaching dance acrobatics mixing her two talents for Cirque de Soleil style classes and partner stunts.  Teaching at a local dance studio where her students were able to use their training to advance their competitive routines by working Moria's unique style into their routines. 

Moria graduated as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and is owner of A Balanced Body Nutrition and Movement.  She works for the City of Tracy Teen Center and Senior Center teaching nutrition classes, acro-yoga, and HITT workouts. Her dance acrobatics & dance classes are available here at the Grand Theater and other central valley locations.

"My passion is watching kids grow and sharing my love of dance, gymnastics and teaching." -Moria
As a graduate from Tracy High School with a performing arts diploma, I continued my musical journey at California State University, Los Angeles and received a Bachelor of Arts in Music.  While attending college I also interned at the major motion picture MGM studios under the Music Supervisor Maureen Crowe as well as successfully completed several compositions and continued coursework towards Music Therapy. 

With a passion for piano, I pursued researching and experimenting with piano programs that will engage a younger than average piano student which will essentially allow that student to excel during their transition into kindergarten.  
Matt Farnsworth is a local Californian graphic artist whose style is strongly influenced by the great American comic book artists of old. In 2012 Matt’s first published work was released at the first Stockton Con. Matt did the pencils on the comic book "The Amazing Fist".

Matt can't wait to teach you how to draw dynamic characters and the fundamentals of visual storytelling!

"For me, comics and art combined a love for the dramatic visuals and compelling stories. It's really just modern mythology." - Matt
Lisa Foster's voice over career has been around for a while. Her broadcasting and voice over experience began in little ol' Sacamento, CA back in 1991. She was the weekend traffic reporter on Rush Limbaugh's flagship station, KFBK. Lisa moved her radio career to Seattle in 1992 where she was the traffic reporter that Seattle commuters relied upon on more than 14 different radio and TV stations. She started really learning the radio ropes on Pat Cashman's Morning Show on KING 1090 that same year.

Lisa created more than 6 different "personas" on a variety of Sattle radio stations in the early 90's, including "Kendall Elliott" on 107.7 The END, "Danielle Clark" on KJR, "Lisa Hunter" on 97.3 KBSG, and "Christine Russell" on KISW. She teamed up with Cashman in 1996 to co-host his morning talk radio show on 100.7 The BUZZ, and again on KOMO AM 1000 in 1999. She went on to co-host the popular morning drive radio show "The Mitch & Lisa Show" on KLSY's MIX 92.5. In addition to her radio work, Lisa has been the voice for many well-known companies, including video games, corporate training, and TV and radio ads.

Lisa began training and coaching emerging voice over talent in 2007, and is one of the best voice over coaches around. Her Creative Director skills really shine in the production booth, and she has produced and directed hundreds of audio projects in major cities across the U.S.

She has also done numerous TV appearances, including being named Seattle KING 5 Evening Magazine's Best of Western Washington's Most Eligible Bachelorette, guest spots on the popular "Almost Live!" show, as well as hosting the CBS Survivor cast search and KIRO TV's "Star Search".

She has also written and performed stand-up comedy and has hosted many charity events and auctions in the Seattle area. Lisa Foster can also be heard on the popular podcast "Peculiar Podcast with Pat Cashman and Lisa Foster" that debuted in January 2012.
I have been teaching voice for over 20 years and drums for over 12 years.
Teaching has become my passion. I enjoy seeing my students progress. Through their practice and my direction and encouragement, learning can be fun for them. They develop skills and confidence.
Prior to teaching, I sang in bands all over California. Play in such places as the Troubadour and the Wiskey a go-go in Hollywood opening for bands: Ratt, Quiet Riot, Dokken, and many more. I was lead vocalist in a rock group that toured Asia in a USO show. A military experience I will never forget!

I was fortunate enough to study under an opera coach in 1993, a gospel recording star in 1988, and a professor of music at Harbor College in L.A. for private vocal instruction. When I am not singing, teaching or playing drums or piano, I like to read, knit, swim, hike and travel. 

I spend as much of my time with my adult son who has become an excellent drummer. A classic example of a pupil surpassing the teacher!
Jody discovered Music Together® right after moving to Pleasanton CA with her husband and three daughters. She is a Registered Music Together teacher in her 14th year of teaching the Music Together program. Jody has earned the prestigious Certification level 1 qualification from Princeton's Music Together Center For Music and Young Children for outstanding achievement in teaching and articulating of the program.

Jody is specially trained not only in teaching mixed-age classes but also in the infants under 8 months course, Big Kids™ Music Together ages 5-8 classes as well as Music Together Guitar classes for Adults. She plays piano, guitar and recorder in her classes and brings energy and exuberance to toddlers and parents in the delight of songs, rhythm and dance. Jody teaches Music Together in Pleasanton and is the director of Music Together of Tracy offering classes in Brentwood & Tracy. Visit their website at
My name is Megan Ivey.
I have been training dancers for over 30 years.
My dance program is geared towards the young Preschool dancer.
Your child will learn basic dance skills, socialization, creative movement and interactive learning in my color me dance program. 
My program stresses positive reinforcement, fun and imagination. 
Supplies needed for my classes are tights leotard, ballet slippers and tap shoes. 
A native of Tracy, April has taught pre-school, elementary and cartooning classes at the Grand Theatre since 2008. She is a local artist and has a strong background in illustration and cartooning. Outside of Young Rembrandts, April is an avid writer and published live action photographer. She also teaches pre-school and kindergarten at the Montessori School of Tracy, is actively involved with Girl Scouts, and is working on her first collection of short stories for children ages six and up.
Erin Knight has been elbow deep in clay since 2009. Her work strives to bring a sense of whimsy and imagination to the viewer. She currently works at San Joaquin Delta College as a lab assistant and kiln operator, and at the Grand as the ceramic tech and kiln operator for the Arts Education Program.

Erin’s primary love of clay is its versatility- it can become any shape or configuration necessary to bring joy to the creator and the viewer. She hopes to share this love with all those who come into a ceramics studio, whether they are painting ready-made bisque, throwing a set of dinner bowls, or hand-building a fantastical sculpture, by sharing her knowledge of clay in all its varied forms.
Operating an award winning family owned business for more than 30 years Sher Madison and Dennis Lancaster of Intermission Productions, Inc. are well known for producing and performing for hundreds of large crowds all over the United States with their very popular “Dangerous Dinos” live stage show...and much more.

They have created countless puppets and mascots for other professionals in the entertainment world. Their versions of the Audrey II puppets from “Little Shop of Horrors” are considered the best puppets in the business. These life-like puppets travel across the nation to schools and theatres as well as right here in Tracy, CA.

Intermission Productions’ Haunted House, which makes extensive use of their puppetry know-how, was voted the #1 Haunted House Attraction in all of California and #8 in the nation 2015 by

Sher and Dennis are sensitive caring teachers who welcome all skill levels in their classes, and encourage creativity, performance and confidence in their students. They have very successfully taught “Muppet Style Puppet Making” Workshop at the Grand Theatre for the past 2 years, as well as adding their Aesop’s Fables Acting Class in 2016. Sher and Dennis look forward to meeting and getting to know many more students in 2017!
Watch our 2016 performances!
Aesop's Fables Acting Camp - 2016 Show  -
Muppet Style Puppet Making Workshop - 2016 Show -
Rose has a passion to redefine dance with a broader definition, inspire students to enjoy expressing themselves in the body they have, and foster creativity through movement.She specializes in teaching inter-generational and physically integrated dance (a contemporary dance form that evolves from the collaboration between dancers with and without disabilities), and parent-child dance to all ages from the very young to the very mature elder.Ms. Thomas has a genuine love to “play” through movement and is dedicated to inspiring others to appreciate and celebrate each person’s creative way of expression. Her appreciation that every body” has unique contributions opens up many possibilities to present dance in a format that students joyfully respond to. In her classes, she encourages the students to expand their imaginations to see that anything can be a dance, dance is happening everywhere all the time, and dance can be enjoyed by every “body”. She believes dance has the unique power to engage all generations, motivate students toward excellence, strengthen an understanding of one’s self and others, and foster a pride of achievement and curiosity about the world that can carry over into all aspects of their lives.

Ms. Lape has been an Artist-in-Residence with the L.A. Music Center as a Wolf Trap Artist, City of Manhattan Beach, Shipp Dance Theatre, Pasadena Children's Center for the Arts, the Merced Arts Council, and the San Joaquin County Office of Education ARTSWork Yes! Program. She has also worked with Infinite Potential and Bethune Theatredanse teaching creative dance to children with special needs. Rose has been a presenting artist at the B.E.S.T. Arts Conference presented by L.A. County Performing Arts Center and Long Beach College Child Development Education Department, and the Magic of Early Literacy Conference presented by the L.A. Unified School District.; Since Thomas’ relocation to California’s Central Valley in 2001, she has participated in the Valley Sierra California Arts Project (VSCAP) Invitational Institute, VSCAP Collaborative Design Institute, and has served as a VSCAP dance educator/presenter.

Her dance studies include modern, Hawaiian & Flamenco dance, Graham, Dunham and Horton techniques, ballet, butoh-based dance, contact improvisation, release technique, aerial dance and physically integrated dance. Rose has created, performed and collaborated with visual artists, traditional cultural artists and contemporary performing artists, and received grants, sponsorship and commissions from the City of L.A., California Arts Council, local colleges and organizations.
Inés Leontiev-Hogan is a foreign-born multi-media fine artist and printmaker whose work has been exhibited in the United States and abroad. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from California State University- Stanislaus in Turlock, CA.

Inés is a full time artist and part-time art instructor with  numerous honors and awards throughout the State of California. Her work is in the permanent collection at CSU - Stanislaus in Stockton and numerous private collections. Leontiev-Hogan’s work has been published in literary magazines and referenced in local news publications throughout Northern California.
The Tracy Community Band meets during the school year. Rehearsals are at the Grand Theater Center for the Arts every Monday from 6:45 - 8:45 PM. There are typically 2 to 3 concerts during the school year, ending with the Tracy Memorial Day Service at the end of May. 
The band is always looking for new musicians ages 14 and up!
Operating an award winning family owned business for more than 30 years Sher Madison and Dennis Lancaster of Intermission Productions, Inc. are well known for producing and performing for hundreds of large crowds all over the United States with their very popular “Dangerous Dinos” live stage show...and much more.
They have created countless puppets and mascots for other professionals in the entertainment world. Their versions of the Audrey II puppets from “Little Shop of Horrors” are considered the best puppets in the business. These life-like puppets travel across the nation to schools and theatres as well as right here in Tracy, CA.

Intermission Productions’ Haunted House, which makes extensive use of their puppetry know-how, was voted the #1 Haunted House Attraction in all of California and #8 in the nation 2015 by

Sher and Dennis are sensitive caring teachers who welcome all skill levels in their classes, and encourage creativity, performance and confidence in their students. They have very successfully taught “Muppet Style Puppet Making” Workshop at the Grand Theatre for the past 2 years, as well as adding their Aesop’s Fables Acting Class in 2016. Sher and Dennis look forward to meeting and getting to know many more students in 2017!
Watch our 2016 performances!
Aesop's Fables Acting Camp - 2016 Show  -
Muppet Style Puppet Making Workshop - 2016 Show -
Cecilia Martinez is a Speech-language Pathology Assistant and has her BS in Communicative Disorders and Deaf Studies.

Cecilia is a member of the Tracy Art League and is excited to get to know you and your child in her class The Art of Socialization for Children with Special Needs.

Founded in 1988 by Bette Fetter, Young Rembrandts has become a recognized leader in art education. What began as one person, working with children in her home, has developed into an international franchise business with franchisees who teach drawing to thousands of students every week.

Fetter applied her fine arts education and background in child development to create an original, step-by-step method to teach children drawing, the fundamental skill of all visual arts.

Research and education experts say what Young Rembrandts has always delivered: there is a significant correlation between involvement in the arts and achievement in the classroom. Children who learn to draw using the Young Rembrandts method develop spatial reasoning and fine motor skills, order and sequencing abilities, visualization, and self-discipline as well as fundamental art skills. Our original curriculum introduces concrete ideas and techniques that enlarge their visual vocabularies, enrich their imaginations and their minds.

Today, Young Rembrandts franchisees partner with preschools, elementary schools and community centers to either augment or supply their art education programs. The Young Rembrandts franchise network has a solid reputation for offering well-organized classes and teaching original, high-quality curriculum in a positive environment.

To learn more about Young Rembrandts, please visit their website at

Ms. Sarah began her career as an Associate Producer in 1991 at the Fox affiliate, KTVU Channel Two, and was responsible for writing and producing segments on the Mornings on Two News Show.  In 1996, she became a Communications Specialist for Corporate Safeway Inc. where she was responsible for educating over 180,000 employees about their health and welfare benefits.  In 1999, she joined the Alamo Learning Systems team where she was the Director of Training and responsible for managing, training and developing their training programs.
To spend more time with family, starting in 2008, Ms. McNamara stepped down as the Director of Training and now consults exclusively.  She still works regularly with Alamo Learning Systems as well with the City of Tracy teaching children’s art and communication classes for the Parks and Recreation Department and the Grand Theatre Center for the Arts. Ms. Sarah holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech/Communications with a minor in Racism and Cross Cultural Analysis from San Francisco State University.   She also holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco.
Khemya studied at California State University, San Francisco where she earned her BA in Dance and Music Ethnology. She then attended JF Kennedy where she earned her Master’s Degree in Transformational Arts and a PhD Natural Health.

Khemya has focused on teaching African Caribbean and West African dance and music since 2000. She has taught at Delta Community College, Modesto Community College, and the Grande Theatre. She holds ongoing workshops in community at Stockton Teen Impact Center, Kids club, Aspire schools, as well as performs at local festivals and art walks.

Khemya has traveled to Nigeria, Egypt, Caribbean Islands, Brazil, and Miami to study with Master teachers. She has also collaborated with famous artists in parades and cultural shows. She is currently teaching classes in African Caribbean Dance and African Drumming at the Grand Theatre!
Abhilasha Natarajan began working with glass 13 years ago. In that time she has become a successful glass artisan and devoted teacher. She has been the primary glass instructor at The Grand Theatre Center for the Arts since its opening in 2007.

Abhilasha has inspired countless students to go on and become glass artists in their own right and continues to encourage community involvement.  She is currently serving her third consecutive term as the President of the Tracy Art League.  She is actively involved in giving children’s tours for local art exhibits and promoting arts education.  Her fused glass work is in collections in Japan, Canada and the United States.
Natalie Pyers is a new instructor at the Grand Theater.  

She is a member of the Tracy Art League, and she comes to us with many years of professional experience as an Art Instructor in various medias (ceramics, watercolors, acrylics, colored pencils, and fused glass); Working with young and older adults, as well as children. 

*Bachelor of Arts - Art/Studio Art 
*Masters of Science - Education/Educational Leadership

“My life’s work is to create art. My purpose and passion is to be creative, help other people find their artistic talent, and inspire emerging artists. I’m grateful every day for such a fulfilling opportunity”. – Natalie Pyers
Lynn Sampson graduated from Brigham Young University High School, Provo, Utah, and has a certificate in Shakespeare Studies from The Shakespeare Academy, Modesto Junior College, an Associate of Arts in Theater, from Modesto Junior College, a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from Colorado Mesa University, and an Advanced Diploma in Education from University of London.

His principal teachers for classical trumpet were Dr. Newell Dayley, Professor Emeritus of Music at Brigham Young University, and, at The Aspen Music School, Benard Adelstein, former first chair trumpet of The Cleveland Orchestra. His principal teachers for jazz trumpet is two-time Grammy winner Roy Hargrove. Inspired by pianist Claudio Arrau and contralto Jennie Tourel, he promotes the trumpet as a singing instrument. His international career began in 1989 with a recital at London’s Westminster Central Hall. He performs extensively having received acclaim for his interpretations of the music of Bach. His trumpet is a King Liberty dated Cleveland, 1927.

Lynn Sampson is a true Renaissance man. Actor, musician, writer, and fundraiser, Lynn Sampson is a multi-faceted individual. He has written many arts-related articles for publications and has acted on stage and in film. His credits include “The Diary of Anne Frank, “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” and “The Apollo of Belac.” He received a Celebration of the Humanities Award for Drama in 2001.

In 2001, he established The Sampson Center, a home near the campus of Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, Colorado, to serve as a recital hall, art gallery, and residence for music scholarship students.

Lynn’s concert activities as both a trumpeter and singer include over 120 performances a year as well as teaching. He offers a variety of private and group music and drama classes at the Grand Theatre!

Deborah earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of California at Irvine and her Master's Degree from Mills College in Oakland.  She is owner of the Academy of Performing Arts in Tracy, recently incorporated to APA of Tracy, Inc.  She is founder and Artistic Director of the Children's Dance Theatre of Tracy, and is also the founder and co-director of the Heartwork's Early Education Preschool, an inclusion preschool that partners with Tracy Unified's Side-by-Side Inclusion Preschool and San Joaquin County Office of Education.  Deborah is a member and past president of Dance Masters of America and is the author of DMA's preschool and children's dance education syllabus and teaching manual.  She has been recognized by the Tracy Chamber of Commerce as entrepreneur of the year along with being recognized by the US Congress and House of Representatives as a woman who has made a difference. 

Deborah has taught nearly 45 years and is an advocate of all fine, performing, and visual arts and the power of said art to change, motivate, and better lives.  She feels most blessed to have a wonderful, supportive husband and family.  And has been so fortunate to have had her life's work be a vocation as well as an avocation.

Jenny Kini Taloa is an accomplished award winning Tahitian dancer with over 20 years experience in Polynesian performing arts. She has traveled within the islands of the pacific and beyond performing for cruise ships, NFL charities, corporate and celebrity events. 

Jenny’s main focus is to bring the Polynesian culture to the community for children 5 years old and up through dance art expression.
Amanda Trask is a local artist who has received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a focus in Mixed Media and minor in Art History from California State University, Stanislaus. Amanda creates work using different media such as sculpture, painting, digital (computer), and film. Her work has been seen within various galleries in Stanislaus County and she is a published artist.

Amanda’s goal through her courses is to bring, not only the joy of creating art, but also the tools to allow individuals to learn about the medium, its uses, and how to create/expand on projects even after completing the course.  Through her educational background and self-taught explorations with art, Amanda hopes that every person that comes through her class is able to gain a foundation for exploring the medium themselves and ways to bring out their creativity using various methods and techniques.

Amanda enjoys working with children and has taking several Child Development courses when she was pursuing her Associate Degree. She is also a mother to a 10-year-old son who is on the autism spectrum and encourages anyone, regardless of their abilities, to take her courses! She would be more than happy to adapt the coursework towards the needs of any individual. The courses she will be instructing for children are designed to be fun, informative, and create a foundation to help students continue to discover art. 
Maria started dancing folklorico when she was 11 years old. At the age of 19 she decided it was time to start her own group. She started it with only 7 students and slowly it started growing. Currently she has over 50 students, and 3 student teachers with 6 different classes offered in Stockton and in Tracy. She is also a teacher for one of the largest Folklorico Dance Workshop known as Danzantes Unidos Festival that happens for one weekend, once a year; this year they had over 1500 students’ patriciate in the workshops.  Aside from teaching Mexican Folklorico classes, she also works a full time job as the Registrar and soccer coach for a Charter School in Stockton CA. During her spare time she likes to spend time with my family, get involved with her church, play soccer, and travel.

For more information about Ballet Folklorico Raices Mexicanas de Maria Valdovinos, please visit!
Vince Walsh was born and raised in Oakland, California and resided in Tracy, California for over 30 years. Vince has been painting for over 35 years, mostly outdoors and in the studio. His style of painting is a blend of realism and impressionism with a preference to paint still life and landscapes in oil and acrylic. His goal is to express a realistic and painterly approach that allows the viewer to participate in the painting.

Vince was fortunate to have studied with Van Waldron, who encouraged him to develop his own style. He also studied with Delores DePharr and E John Robinson. Vince is a member of “The Valley Sun Catchers”, “Friday Painters” and “Da Group” a group of Plein Air Painters. He is also a member and past president of the Tracy art League.

Evan Jared Warwick graduated from Fresno State University, Class of 2014, with a B.A. in Music Composition. He studied under the direction of Kenneth Froelich for 2 years, and Benjamin Boone for 1 year. He has composed for many different ensembles and instruments, including stringed instruments, piano, and electronic environments. He plays guitar, bass, is a vocalist, and is proficient in recording technology. While attending Fresno State, Evan was an active guitarist, performing with the Fresno State Guitar Studio both in their Guitar Ensemble and as a soloist. Evan has also performed many times with the Fresno State Concert Choir, and the Fresno State Chamber Singers.

Evan has also cultivated his leadership skills by participating in the Boy Scouts. As a devoted Eagle Scout, Evan seeks to uphold the values and skills he acquired in the BSA Program as a youth, and apply them toward his goals in music.

Now Evan spends his time composing for his own recording projects, and giving lessons to young musicians. You can find Evan teaching Group Guitar lessons, Music Writing classes, Music Together® classes, and private music lessons at the Grand! Learn more about Evan and hear samples of his work at

Nicole Wright grew up in a home that celebrates music and the arts. She found her love for piano at 8 years old after spontaneously taking a lesson from her sister’s teacher. She immediately signed up for lessons and continued through high school. It became a passion that directed the future of her life.

Nicole began studying music education at Azusa Pacific University and graduated in May of 2017. This is where she fell in love with teaching. There were many opportunities to study methods of teaching, observe real music teachers, and teach her own classes. Nicole has taught piano through the Azusa Conservatory, helped establish a world music drumming class at Powell Elementary through her Instrumental Music Methods class, and has interned as a music teacher with the Foothill Academy of Vocal Arts (FAVA).

She is very excited to teach at the Grand to share her love of piano with new or advanced students! 
Lekha Writing Center is committed to developing a generation of children who think beyond the book! We do this by teaching them to write creatively, using a blend of time-tested and newly-developed methods that stir one’s imagination.

All of our instructors are trained in the Lekha Way, a method of writing instruction that is different than traditional writing instruction. In traditional models of writing instruction, the student is viewed as an empty vessel into which the instructor pours knowledge. This model of instruction is product-oriented, which places the value of instruction solely on “measurable” improvements in writing. Students are taught the different modes of writing, as well as the standard writing conventions. Students, then, demonstrate that they have learned this new knowledge through their writing products (creative pieces or essays), and instructors evaluate the writing to determine if the student has effectively learned to write correctly.

Consequently, this focus on “correctness” in writing often develops the “internal critic” in some students and causes them to develop a negative relationship to writing—hating, fearing, or being indifferent to writing—which hinders or stops the writing process. These students will often view writing as a tedious chore, as a test that they have been set-up to fail, or simply as something unimportant. As a result, student will try to avoid writing, will write as little as possible, or will develop writer’s block.

At Lekha, we seek to encourage a student’s relationship to writing to be one that is positive. Our model of instruction is based on Expressivist and Process pedagogies which emphasize student-oriented and process-oriented teaching. As opposed to the tradition model of writing instruction, we believe that the creative work or essay already exists in the students. What this means is that the students’ writing finds root in the students’ own experiences, education, and tacit knowledge of writing. The instructor’s role, then, is to facilitate the expression of the student’s writing, guiding the students as they work and rework a story, a poem, a play, an essay, or a journalistic piece.

The methods we use in our writing instruction are designed to free students from the internal critic. We utilize visualization and verbalization techniques, creative play, illustration, and other low stakes writing activities that help students overcome writer’s block or any fears about writing. We use these methods to guide students through the different steps of the writing process—generating ideas, pre-writing strategies, drafting, and revising. And while we do not emphasize “correctness” in writing, we do help students to address structural or grammatical issues in the writing, but only after the students have written enough to begin the revision process. At Lekha, we focus on encouraging students to write as much as they can by providing a fun and nonthreatening learning and writing environment.

To learn more about Lekha, please visit their website at


Collaborating Organizations

Our teachers at APA are educated and formally trained. APA is proud to be a Dance Master of America affiliate, a professional dance teacher organization that requires its membership to be tested in order to participate. Dance Masters of America insures that the dance students are being taught by qualified and certified teachers.

The APA's mission is to provide a positive, self-esteem building, and highly effective dance and performing art educational experience. The APA philosophy is that dance and art can enhance every person's life, the very young child who is just beginning to explore his/her surroundings, the physically and mentally gifted child who wishes a professional dance career, the recreational dancer, who wishes to learn new things, or an adult who wants to put a spring in their step and rekindle some skills.
Appointed by City Council, the duties of the TAC are to:  Preserve and cultivate the expression and appreciation of the arts in Tracy.  Represent the diversity of the creative community including arts patrons, architecture, engineering, historical preservation, design arts, arts administration, arts education, visual arts and the performing arts.  Maintain the Civic Art Plan, advise City Council on the city-wide public art, advise staff on activities such as Music In the Park and Multi-Cultural programming. Perform other arts-related duties and functions as the City Council may direct.
The Tracy Camera Club meets on the second Wednesday of every month. The first meeting is the photography competition. We also try to schedule a field trip at least once a month. We are a group of photographers who desire to improve our photographic talent. The highlight of our monthly meetings is the judging which is done in a friendly and fun atmosphere. The club appeals to all levels of ability from beginner to advanced
The Grand Foundation (GF) is a community-based, independent not-for-profit organization, formerly known as the Arts Leadership Alliance (ALA). The original ALA was founded in 1998 to promote the cultural development of the community. Its activities, on behalf of the City, include developing and implementing programs which foster the broadest possible public use of the the cultural arts programs at the Grand Theatre Center for the Arts.

The GF has served to advance technical support and programming of the Grand with annual underwriting contributions since opening in 2007. Foundation underwriting has supported concerts, exhibitions, classes, workshops and special events, in addition to providing arts supplies, art making and technical equipment, and hospitality services.
For hundreds of thousands of families worldwide, Music Together is children and their grownups joyfully sharing songs, rhymes, movement, and instrument play, both in music class and in their daily lives. A pioneer in early childhood music and movement education, Music Together offers classes for children from birth through kindergarten, in which parents and caregivers actively participate.

All children are sounders and movers, and their natural aptitude for music blossoms in a sufficiently rich music environment. In fact, when given a supportive music environment, children learn to sing and dance as naturally as they learn to walk and talk.

How is this possible? Children learn differently than adults. They learn instinctively and constantly. They teach themselves through imitation and play, through being immersed in their environment, and through every interaction with adults and older children. The family-like setting of Music Togethers mixed-age classes enables siblings to attend together, creating an ideal learning environment where infants, toddlers, and preschoolers can freely participate at their own levels.
Tracy Art League is a non-profit organization to promote and encourage community interest in the arts and personal development in artists, craftsmen, and art appreciators in the San Joaquin Valley communities.   Tracy

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