Out of the Corner of My Eye – Paintings by David Casterson

Out of the Corner of My Eye features a group of genre paintings exploring the places and landscapes we often overlook.  David Casterson brings into focus our peripheral vision, peers into alleyways, acknowledges road debris, and honors dilapidated structures.  He creates intrigue from both daily life and the remnants of humanity’s imprints upon nature.  The paintings are beautiful, compelling and mysterious.

David Casterson (Fremont, CA) holds a B.F.A. in Painting and Drawing from San Jose State University.  He has been inspired by art history and landscape throughout his life.  Mr. Casterson has been exhibiting professionally across the region since 2007.  Out of the Corner of My Eye is his first solo exhibition.

“I like to think that I paint the daily world I live in, and I get just as excited by the disposition of tools and empty coffee cans on a garage shelf in the evening light as I would by a majestic mountain.  My mantra has always been, ‘If beauty is anywhere then it’s everywhere.’  As a kid, I wanted to be an archeologist – still do, really – and dig up artifacts that would only invite speculation as to their context and uses while somehow connecting us to other times and a remote, though shared, human experience.  I feel like the objects and scenes I’m drawn to are like artifacts, sometimes newly-minted, yet dislodged from their conventional stations… no longer performing their intended functions.”  – David Casterson