You and Me on a Sunny Day – A Non-Motion Picture by Rocky McCorkle


You and Me on a Sunny Day presents an innovative series of large-format photographs exploring the life, dreams, and memories of 88-year-old Gilda Todar, a neighbor of the artist in San Francisco. Photographer Rocky McCorkle created a narrative and conceived a silent film featuring Ms. Todar in a sequence of built environments within his Tenderloin apartment.

The high-resolution detail in the prints are a result of a painstaking process of focus, stacking up to 22 individual 8×10-inch film negatives for each final plate, using digital technology to create a fantastically seamless montage. The outcome of this extensive project is a thoughtful and emotional telling of Gilda’s life story within an exhibit that transcends traditional photography into a dimensional experience.

Rocky McCorkle was born and raised in Ohio, and currently resides Campbell, California.  He received a BFA from Ohio State University in Photography, and MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in Photography. Mr. McCorkle has received numerous awards including recent accolades from SFMOMA and Review Santa Fe, and has been exhibiting professionally since 2005. He is currently working on his next large format series of photographic works.

“My non-motion pictures are conceived as a silent film in the form of a sequence of stills. To complete this project, I spent nearly every Sunday for five years photographing my downstairs neighbor, Gilda Todar (1927–2017), in the lead role. In the exhibition, larger than life photographs will encircle and pull you through the space. Ultimately, each viewer has control over the pace and sequencing of the narrative, creating an emotional experience like no other.”  – Rocky McCorkle