Branden Cravalho

Branden Cravalho is an expressive and passionate classical guitarist and instructor who has studied and performed a wide range of repertoire from modern 20th century composers to the Renaissance. He started as a self-taught electric guitar player, but expanded his growth as a musician when he began studying classical guitar at the Modesto Junior College in California under Dr. David Chapman’s tutelage. Branden has since achieved three degrees in music including a Master of Music in Guitar Performance from the University of Minnesota. Branden enjoys sharing his talents both in concert halls and in a number of unique and intimate settings. The guitar and his pursuit to share a passion for music has led him to explore a diversity of cultures and places from Louisville, Kentucky to Belgrade, Serbia.

In addition to performing, Branden takes pride as an instructor teaching private lessons and in classrooms. These experiences include as a graduate instructor at the University of Minnesota teaching Guitar I and II classes as well as private lessons, in privately owned music studios, as well as independently. Branden’s students have had success meeting both their individual goals and expectations of specific curriculum.

“Ultimately, I strive to inspire others through music like the many influential figures in my own musical journey have inspired me. Whether that be through performance or instruction, there is no greater gift than to be able to share music, experiences, and knowledge with others.”

-Branden Cravalho

Music Together® Program

For hundreds of thousands of families worldwide, Music Together is children and their grownups joyfully sharing songs, rhymes, movement, and instrument play, both in music class and in their daily lives. A pioneer in early childhood music and movement education, Music Together offers classes for children from birth through kindergarten, in which parents and caregivers actively participate.

All children are sounders and movers, and their natural aptitude for music blossoms in a sufficiently rich music environment. In fact, when given a supportive music environment, children learn to sing and dance as naturally as they learn to walk and talk.

How is this possible? Children learn differently than adults. They learn instinctively and constantly. They teach themselves through imitation and play, through being immersed in their environment, and through every interaction with adults and older children. The family-like setting of Music Togethers mixed-age classes enables siblings to attend together, creating an ideal learning environment where infants, toddlers, and preschoolers can freely participate at their own levels.