April is Arts Month – Interactive Window Display

A Symphony of Creative Disciplines

The Arts Education Program playfully reveals an eye catching display of color, A Symphony of Creative Disciplines. Take a peek at our current Contract Instructor’s work while enjoying this splashy installation. Community members will learn about the instructors currently offering distance learning classes at the Grand. They may also interact with this display by using a smart phone.


Can you guess how many picks were used in the hanging Treble Clef display? 

(Answers are listed below)


Scavenger Hunt

Can you find the items listed below within the A Symphony of Creative Disciplines window display?

  •  A swan
  •  A creature from the deep sea
  •  A waterfall
  •  A glittery pick
  •  A nail
  •  A paint bucket
  •  A tuning peg
  •  Oversized piano keys
  •  A superhero


Trivia about the Grand Theatre center for the arts

(Answers are listed below)

1. How many kilns does the Grand theatre Center for the Arts have?

2. How many music rooms does the Grand Theatre Center for the Arts have?

3. What is the open air enclosed porch located on the second floor called?

4. What style theatre is the Madame Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis Theatre?

5. What year was the theatre originally opened?

6. What year was the theatre renovated and reopened as the Grand Theatre Center for the Arts?

7. What five creative disciplines does the Grand Theatre Center for the Arts offer classes in?









298 picks were used in the hanging Treble Clef display!

1. 4 – Three are ceramics kilns and one is used for fused glass.

2. 4 – One for group instruction, one percussion lab, one for private instruction and one is a digital recording lab.

3. Louise Russell Clever Loggia Lounge

4. Vaudeville Half-House with Classic Architecture

5. 1923

6. 2007

7. Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Arts, and Literary Arts


Thank you for viewing the Arts Education Program’s Window Display!