Viktor Rheims

Viktor Rheims is a member of the Tracy Art League, an illustrator, author, and art instructor. His book “Rediscovering Our Creative Mind: Digital Arts Drawing and Painting with Viktor” is published by Covenant Books.

He used to be a designer for a printing company overseas and eventually conducted his own art business of providing shirt designs, logo creation, photo editing, and printing services. With a desire to impart the knowledge, he developed his digital art instructional material and teaching style that both focus on what the learners’ need – subject analysis, layout, and proportionality. The goal is to make learners realize that drawing and painting are not just for the gifted; they are also skills that can be acquired.

“Gadgets, such as tablets and cell phones, are not just for social media. Let me help you revive your artistic capability. My instructional material will give you the skills you will truly appreciate – for personal or professional use.” – Viktor Rheims