Natasha Blakely

As a child, Natasha’s passion for becoming a professional artist filled her dreams with hope and determination. Her innermost aspirations have been to invite others to dive deep into her work, and becoming inspired to create their own works of art. Although originally from San Francisco Bay Area, she currently calls Central California home.

Inspiring others to hone their creative talents, Natasha has instructed drawing lessons for children for the past 13 years throughout the Central Valley. In July 2012 she decided to feed her passion by taking over as Program Director for Young Rembrandts children’s drawing program.

After years of sketching, she decided to let the paint brush express her vision of the world. Her paintings intertwine the richness of texture and color, with music and culture. In her initial public release Natasha tacked still life, landscape, abstract, surreal, contemporary, and modern pieces. Best described as “Urban Chic”, her work is showcased in private homes, businesses, exhibits, and online venues.

Every painting is primed and finished with a varnish gloss. Each creation is a one-of-a-kind with no prints available. Natasha firmly believes that everyone deserves their own original work of art.