Bruce Duke

Bird Series #2 (Purple)

    Ceramic, Hand-Painted Acrylic, Tabletop Sculpture

Size: 4 in W x 9.5 in H x 4 in D

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Artist Spotlight

Bruce Duke (1922 – 2016) was an immensely important ceramic artist and arts educator. Mr. Duke taught at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, CA for 39 years, and his art and mentorship impacted thousands of lives. He trained and inspired several prominent clay artists including Bill Abright, Bruce Cadman, Michael Lucero, Joe Mariscal, David Phelps, and Viola Frey. 

In 2015 the Grand presented the incredible exhibition Father Clay – Bruce Duke Retrospective, curated by his daughter Cathy Anderson. Also at this time Bruce began making new work after a long hiatus, including a return to some of the signature themes that defined his career. Over the next year Bruce worked in clay and metal jewelry celebrating his friends and family, his Greek heritage, and the animals he loved. 

The Exhibitions Program is proud to present Bruce Duke as the inaugural honoree to launch the Grand Galleries & Webstore. These works (rare hand-painted birds, playful felines, and the mysterious and beautiful caryatids) were among the last he created, and have been generously donated by Ms. Anderson, at the benefit of the Grand and Bruce’s fans.


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