Mark Knize

Turned Wood Ring – Dyed & Faceted, Size 12

    Rings, Turned Wood

Mark Knize is a celebrated Tracy sculptor working in a variety of materials, who specializes in woodturning on a lathe. He exhibits regionally, has been featured in American Woodturner Magazine, and his work is held in private collections in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. Marks’s popular items in Art Co-Opted in the South Gallery often include functional wares, boxes, spinning tops, toys, pens, and sculpture.

These beautiful and comfortable, unique unisex rings are created from local wood, including olive, cherry, walnut, and maple. They are available in several designs in both natural and dyed wood, and are finished with polyurethane and carnaube wax.

Design/Details: Light grain, dyed blue tones with cut facets, 1″ W x .375″ H crown.

Ring Size: 12

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