Richard Beebe

I have been involved with photography in excess of 30 years, including over 20 years of professional experience and skills in a variety of aspects. Despite this strong background, I still believe I am a “work in progress” – I have no desire to sit down and rest on my laurels – I now expose more original images consistently, than I ever did with just film, continually exercising and stretching my visual experience. That’s where the “fun” of this image-making medium is.

* Formats – 35mm (30+ years), 6×6 square (25+ years), digital (10 years), 4×5 (infrequent).

* Experience – photographer, assistant (lighting, sets, logistics, camera), instructor (classroom, field, workshops), writer/editor.

* Styles/Genres – portrait, fashion, and figure (studio & location); landscapes, cityscapes; night imagery, b&w infrared (35mm, 6×6, digital); and expressive interpretations/impressions.

Photography remains a strong passion – even with this long tenure. Pushing my own visual creativity and expanding my own expressiveness further is a strong goal, to keep ME inspired and jazzed about this. Instructing others on the craft and art of the photographic medium is another, as I have been doing since 2009 here at the Grand Theatre Center for the Arts.