Civic Art Program


Tracy City Council adopted the Civic Art Plan in 2003.  This art in public places and spaces programming invests in, celebrates, and beautifies our community.  The Tracy Arts Commission and City Staff work on dynamic teams to develop a wide array of design and fine art components in capital improvement projects, through public/private partnerships, and at public events across the City.

Civic Art projects contribute to the economic vitality of Tracy in many different ways including downtown redevelopment, cultural tourism, quality of life, and branding.  The arts are a partner in the enhancement of the urban environment, bringing innovation and excitement to a range of projects from streetscapes to parks.  These efforts foster a sense of community pride and celebrate our diversity.  In Tracy, Civic Art not only honors history, but also builds new relationships between the past and the future.

As Tracy continues to grow as leader of innovation in the region, Civic Art helps to define that identity by creating new icons and places of congregation for the community to embrace, and for visitors to admire and reference.

In 2019 Civic Art Program was expanded to include the Downtown Tracy Mural Project in collaboration with the Tracy Arts Commission.

Additional information about the Tracy Arts Commission is available here.


As part of the Civic Art Program, the City holds and displays a collection of two and three-dimensional artworks in public places, lobbies, offices, and throughways of public facilities including City Hall, the Grand Theatre Center for the Arts, and the Tracy Transit Station.  Periodically works may rotate throughout City spaces.

Acquisition of these works is facilitated through the issue of Purchase Prize Awards from the annual Expressions! exhibition presented by the Tracy Art League.  In addition, works are acquired from exhibitions presented at the Grand Theatre Center for the Arts, and from the Faculty and Students of the Arts Education Program.  Works can also be added through gift & loan procedures.  Gifts & loans may come from individuals, private and public institutions, organizations, community groups, and State, Federal, and Foreign Governments.

The Collection is managed by the Cultural Arts Supervisor in the Cultural Arts Division, and currently holds over 100 items including original works of art, limited editions, and historic objects by more than 60 artists/makers.

Download a brochure featuring a tour of large format works in the collection.


Civic Art Projects are periodically announced, ranging from capital improvement projects to public/private collaborations. These projects create art, designed-objects, and environmental signage in public spaces, for the enjoyment of and interaction with the public-at-large.


There are no active RFP/RFQ at this time.  Thank you for your interest!